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The Event all Moms, Pops & Tots are Talking About!

The Mom, Pop & Tots Fair delivers you a pre-qualified audience of young families (with at least one child 6 or under) – relational buyers who will become your tribe —your cheerleaders— and drive your word-of-mouth.

Why Young Families are Important to You
From the first moment their child is placed their arms, a new parents’ whole world changes! Bringing baby home, they realize how far-reaching those changes are – because that kid sure didn’t come with an owners’ manual!

Young families are entering a new buying phase, as their lives have just changed drastically, and their brand loyalties are changing with them! $1300 per month is the average amount that Canadian parents will spend raising a child to age 19.* Are you going to be one of the businesses that serves them?
*According to a 2011 MoneySense magazine report

Why the Mom, Pop & Tots Fair
The young families coming to the Mom, Pop & Tots Fair are in this new buying cycle. We have helped businesses forge meaningful relationships with these powerful consumers for over 20 years. The Fair takes the fear out of trying new experiences and products – a low risk activation. Get face-to-face with them and make them your new clients!


  • 88% have at least one child.
  • 13% of our attendees are expecting a baby.
  • 51% are aged 25-34. 31% are aged 35-44.
  • 55% of Attendees reported a household income of 71K or more.
  • Families that are looking to connect! 78% said they would likely do business with an exhibitor they met at the show.
  • Stats taken from the 2019 Mom, Pop & Tots Fair

What are their Challenges?

When asked to indicate their biggest challenges on our exit survey, parents responded with:

  • 40%+ Child Safety
  • 30%-39% each – Life Balance, Finances, Finding Activities
  • 20%-29% each – Child Care, Appropriate Nutrition, Work Balance, My Fitness

Who we are

  • Family Productions Inc. formed in 1993
  • Since 1993, we’ve produced over 110 successful consumer tradeshows
  • As professional trade show producers, we are members of our association, CAEM
  • Since 2005, we’ve done over $11,443,000 worth of media advertising across all of our shows

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Get to Know Us

Family Productions Inc. has been bringing families together by producing the Mom, Pop & Tots Fair for over 20 years! We are a team of people who value family above all else (it’s right there in the name – Family Productions Inc.), and we love to see young families come out to the Fair and have a day of fun together. We are so proud to have created a spectacular event that celebrates young families!

In our over 28 years of tradeshow experience, we have forged amazing relationships with local media, suppliers, and event centres. We are excited to bring our passion and experience to you as our client. Want to creep on us some more? Head to!

To further discuss the benefits of marketing with a consumer tradeshow, and what the Mom, Pop & Tots Fair can do for your business, contact us!

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