All you could want to know about the Mom, Pop & Tots Fair!

Visitor Questions

Questions commonly asked by visitors to the Mom, Pop & Tots Fair.

Where is the Show being held?

The Mom, Pop & Tots Fair is being featured at the Edmonton Woman’s Show held at the Edmonton EXPO Centre. The Hall location will be released closer to show dates.

When is the 2024 Fair?

Saturday, January 20th (10am-5pm) & Sunday, January 21st (11am-5pm), 2024.

How much do the tickets cost?

Visit our Tickets page for details on pricing! Check back then!

Where can I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets here, or at the Edmonton EXPO Centre on the weekend of the Fair.

Can I get tickets at the door?

Always! You will find the ticket booth in the main foyer/hallway of the EXPO Centre.

How can I pay for my tickets?

We accept debit, credit, and cash at the ticket office. Please note that cash makes everything go a lot more quickly!

Where can I park?

If you arrive by car, the parking attendants will direct you where to park on the EXPO grounds outside of the Hall. Please note that there is no street parking available.

How much does parking cost?

Edmonton EXPO Centre parking rates are set at $16.50 per car per entry (subject to change – please contact the EXPO Centre for the most up-to-date info). We suggest carpooling –or better yet, park n’ ride and take the LRT! See below for details.

Can I access the Show via public transit?

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend you take public transit to avoid parking fees. The LRT stops directly on the EXPO Centre grounds and is very affordable.

Who will be there?

For a comprehensive list of things going on at the show, please visit this page

What time are the presentations?

Stay tuned for our Stage Schedule to be released closer to the show! Please note that the stage schedule is subject to change without notice.

What will be there?

For a list of the exhibitors currently booked into the show, please visit our Exhibitor List. Please note that our exhibitor list is subject to change without notice.

Is there food available at the Show?

There will be a number of concessions within the Fair. There are also a variety of food vendors at the Edmonton EXPO Centre, including a food court a short walk down the main hall from the show. Please note that the cafe and concession area are under Edmonton EXPO Centre “jurisdiction”–meaning, what will be open and serving food will be dependent on what is happening at the EXPO Centre that weekend. 

I'm coming from out of town. Where can I stay?

There are a few options when it comes to accommodations: Edmonton Inn & Conference Centre 11834 Kingsway Avenue Approximately 7.0 km from the Edmonton EXPO Centre www.edmontoninn.ca. If you’d rather book into a different hotel, we recommend the use of a site like Expedia.ca* to find the best deal. *Selections are not in any way affiliated or officially endorsed by Family Productions Inc. or the Mom, Pop & Tots Fair.

Do I need to have cash for the Show?

Although select exhibitors will have POS Debit/Credit machines, many do not. We recommend that you come to the show with cash in your wallet! It also makes a lot of things quicker!

Are ATMs available?

Yes. There are a few ATMs located throughout the Edmonton EXPO Centre. However, the fees on these ATMs may be higher than you’re used to – so it’s probably best to be loaded with them dolla dolla bills!

What do I do if I lose something at the Show? Is there a lost and found?

Absolutely. If you have lost an item, please come to the Show Office and speak with us. We will do our best to reunite you with your lost possession(s)!

Who should I speak to if I have questions at the Show?

If you have any questions or concerns during the show, please come to the Show Office and we will be happy to help you.

May I take pictures and videos at the Show?

Sure, we’d love that! Feel free to post any photos/videos on social media and tag it with [@MomPopTotsFair] so we can see it. Please be respectful when taking photos of exhibitors and your fellow guests – make sure you’ve got permission!

Is this an annual event?

Yes, we are here every year!

Can I bring my stroller onto the Show Floor?

Sure thing – we understand that the little ones may need a break from walking every now and then.

Is the Edmonton EXPO Centre/Show wheelchair accessible?

Yes, there is ample room to safely and easily maneuver throughout the building and on the Show Floor.

Are there wheelchairs available at the Show?

While the Edmonton EXPO Centre IS wheelchair-friendly, unfortunately there are no wheelchairs on-hand for public use.

I'm attending with a caregiver. Will we both need to purchase tickets?

At Family Productions Inc., we want everyone to be able to come and enjoy our tradeshows. If you require someone with you for assistance, only one adult admission ticket is required.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

As your ticket is non-refundable, probably not. Please call our office at (780) 490-0215 with any concerns.

Vendor Questions

Questions asked by vendors who’ve participated in the Mom, Pop & Tots Fair.

How do I pay?

Our most common methods of payment are via Credit Card (we accept every major credit card) or Cheque. Heck, you could even come down to the office to pay with your debit card if you really wanted! If you’d like to pay another way, call our office at (780) 490-0215 and we will accommodate you as best as we can.

Are there special exhibitor prices for hotel accommodations?

Please check back later or call our office to inquire about official host hotel arrangements

When do I get my parking passes?

Parking Passes are available for purchase Online prior to the Show. The link to purchase parking passes will be sent to in the Exhibitor Manual and in the reminder emails 

When will I get my wristbands?

Please see your Exhibitor Manual. If you do not have your login credentials please contact our office

When can I come and set up?

Please see your Exhibitor Manual. If you do not have your login credentials please contact our office 

Can my kids come with me for set up?

Unfortunately, for safety reasons the Edmonton Expo Centre cannot allow children under 16 during Move-In or Move-Out.

Are there any hints or tips you can give me on how to design my booth?

We sure do, and we’d love to share them with you! Please call our office at (780) 490-0215 to set up a meeting with your sales rep.

How do I sign up to be an exhibitor for the Show?

You can visit the Becoming an Exhibitor page here, where you will find the downloadable application. Fill it out and e-mail it to info@edmontonshows.com. If you have any questions about booth size or want to discuss additional options for Show participation, give us a call at (780) 490-0215!

What are the payment terms for exhibitors?

50% of the balance is due upon signing – this is your non-refundable deposit. The remaining 50% of the balance is to be paid by the due date, which is typically 8 weeks out from the show and can be found on your application. You may also call us at (780) 490-0215 if you are unsure of the due date.

Once I'm an exhibitor, how do I order extras?

Please see your Exhibitor Manual. If you do not have your login credentials please contact our office

What is included in my booth?

Your booth comes with applicable 8′ back draping and 3′ side draping only for all spaces. All other booth accessories must be ordered, including any tables and chairs that you need

I can't remember what I ordered for my booth. How do I find out?

Uh-oh, we don’t remember either!! Just kidding. If you refer to you original Show application, you will find any extras that were ordered and paid for itemized there. If you need to add anything, you can download any forms for extras like power, internet or display needs through the Exhibitor Manual. If you do not have your login credentials please contact our office. If you’ve lost your application, you can always call us at (780) 490-0215!