Kepler Academy – Intellidance and Jiu Jitsu

By January 28, 20192019 MPT
Kepler Academy

Join Kepler Academy at the main stage at the 2019 Mom, Pop and Tots Fair as they show everyone some amazing dance moves on Saturday and Jiu-Jitsu moves on Sunday, in two fun and interactive presentations!

Kepler Academy is an innovative new childcare provider in Edmonton that is rethinking early childhood development. Using elements from a number of major philosophies and leading research from experts in early education and brain development, the Kepler team has created a unique program called “Exploratory Education”. They believe that children are all born explorers – they combine a mix of learning-through-play and a curriculum that promotes exploration and discovery. It’s essential for healthy brain development, and social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth.

That is why Kepler is proud to have Ward School of Dance teach “Intellidance” at their centres – a series of brilliant creative dance programs, designed to foster more complex brain development in children, through movement, music and play —  from newborns up to five years old. And also an instructor from Hayabusa Training Centre teach “Jiu-Jitsu” at their centres, an internationally-practiced marital art. Children 19 months and up participate in on-site jiu-jitsu, which is a great way for them to learn self-defence, body awareness, team work and discipline.

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