Choking Prevention presented by Little Lungs First Aid

By November 30, 20232024 MPT

Do you know what to do if a little one is choking? Little Lungs First Aid wants to ensure you do! We are looking forward to their stage presentation at the 2024 Mom, Pop & Tots Fair, featured in the Edmonton Woman’s Show happening on January 20 & 21 at the Edmonton EXPO Centre.

Join Little Lungs expert Kaitlyn Casswell as she presents “Choking Prevention,” an informative presentation and demonstration. Learn things such as prevention strategies for choking and cardiac arrest in children and babies, tips on creating safe spaces where emergencies are less likely, how to identify a medical emergency, and what to do after one. Little Lungs First Aid believes in a proactive approach to safety for parents throughout their lives and the lives of their children. Their mission is to ensure, “No Child Lost Due to Preventable Injury or Death”.

Did you know an estimated 44 children aged 14 and under die every year in Canada from choking, suffocation and strangulation? Another 380 are hospitalized for serious injuries. Choking and suffocation are responsible for almost 40% of unintentional injuries in infants under the age of one in Canada. Being aware of these risks leads to empowerment through prevention and training. Choking emergencies can be avoided with a proactive approach to safety from parents and caregivers.

More about Little Lungs First Aid:

Little Lungs takes great pride in offering industry leading First Aid & Safety courses facilitated by the most engaging and capable instructors, and a premium client experience during every interaction.

Their vision is no child lost due to a preventable injury or death. No matter your background, experience, or age, their exceptional training will give you the confidence to act.

Together, no child will be lost to a preventable medical emergency.

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